A program, a know-how, a patent asset and a multinational team, dedicated exclusively to 3D printing, Additive Manufacturing and its post-processes and surface treatments.
The DNA of the Team, based on a strong vocation for technological innovation, able to offer multidisciplinary solutions and with timely investments in Research and Development.

Our solutions and our choices are always designed with a view to environmental sustainability, to the circular economy, and to the reduction of the carbon footprint.

IntegrAM Team

The team is coordinated by Techno Surface, Rollwasch is the manufacturer of most of the machinery and products with Design IntegrAM, Spengler is both IntegrAM distributor in France and a highly qualified Specialist in 3D and AM printing processes.

Techno Surface, an Italian company founded in 2015 and specialized in various technologies, with strong convergence towards Additive Manufacturing

Rollwasch®, an Italian company founded in 1950 in Milan and specialized in surface treatment. Manufacturer of machines and consumer products.

a French company founded in 2021 by two Italian engineers who are experts in the design and manufacture of SLS and Additive Manufacturing systems.

IntegrAM Products and services

Solutions, technologies, machines and standard products
New solutions, technologies, machines and products, under development, close to standardization, of which we provide preview news
I - AM
Services and network of companies coordinated with IntegrAM, which can offer specific services related to AM